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About Sean Chandler

 In his early years Sean Chandler, spent his Saturday’s at the Ralph Ellison Library in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, reading a host of different types of literature. His favorite read has always been the western. At the library, he learned about the likes of Louis L’amour, Zane Grey, and a host of other western writers that took him on fabulous adventures. As an African-American that has spent countless hours in the country, he always wondered why more people of color weren’t represented in the stories that he read. He was being influenced by strong men and women of color every day!

It wasn’t until he went to college and discovered the work of William Katz, and then Art Burton, that he realized there had been more of an African-American contribution to the west than he had ever imagined. In this new west, he was learning about, there were people representative of who he was and of the type of men and women he had been blessed to know.

Sean Chandler is a western/Christian author that hopes to open minds through literature. With this in mind, he began the publishing company, Branded Black Publishing, in 2003 for the express purpose of publishing westerns about African-Americans. His book Gospel of the Gun was reviewed favorably by True West Magazine, which states that it deserves a place on reader’s bookshelves. 

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